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"Let your next set of bulls and heifers work for you, not the other way around."

Our first obligation at Pro B Farms is to raise cattle with integrity and honesty. 

We thank God for the blessings life brings daily.

At Pro B Farms we provide a source for low input genetics through our bulls and heifers.  Our cattle are selectively bred through artificial insemination to bring in the right genetics for moderate size, high fertility, good utter, gentle disposition, calving ease, marbling, tenderness, and weight gain.  We run a moderate size mature cow between 1000 to 1250 pounds.  With a HIGH producing 3 to 4 frame cow, our cattle will increase your production per acre.  This is all done by using resources more efficiently with cows that were bred to maintain on grass pasture, thus reducing the grocery bills from oversized, under-producing cattle.

Grass Fed Beef


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The nuts and bolts of our philosophy is that an elephant of a cow requires more food to sustain her larger body and organ function than a cow 200-300 pounds lighter.  That’s a grocery bill that we cannot afford to have.  We want our cattle to fit into the natural environment, not cause us to change that environment to fit their needs.  Let your next set of bulls and heifers work for you, not the other way around.

  • Moderate Size

Many people mistakenly believe that a cow under a 5 frame is a miniature specimen, and will not produce an efficient, easy fleshing calf.  This is far from the truth.  When you add some fleshing ability and thickness to a (moderate) 3 or 4 frame cow the results are not only surprising but profitable. So bigger is not always better when it comes to optimizing production to where profits are maximized.

Frame Score Mature Cow Hip Height Mature Bull Hip Height
2 46 50
3 48 52
4 50 54
5 52 56
6 54 58

  • Calving Ease

We breed bulls to produce a low birth weight, easy fleshing, gentle calf that fits into the environment.  A bull that is assisted at birth will never make our bull cut.  Because of this, we are able to provide bulls that will give you the peace of mind to breed cows and heifers. Calving out heifers will become a very manageable experience that will cut losses from birthing problems.

  • Why can’t I do this with the cattle I’ve got?

Low input HIGH producing cows that have been selectively bred to be raised and maintained on grass pastures are much different than the “grain-fed” genetics that have flooded the market today.  It is like the movie “The Man from Snowy River”, where a mountain bred horse outperformed some of the “finest” horses because it was bred for that environment.  Same goes with cattle.  Our cattle sustain and thrive on native grasses in a moderate to harsh changing climate. 

  • The End Product

A program needs to be set in place to make a ranch profitable in times when inputs are only getting more expensive.  We have the genetics for you to create a profit-maximizing opportunity for your ranch, regardless of the market.  This will enable you to produce more pounds per acre, therefore increasing revenue. 



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