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Beef Delivery

We are a full service provider for all your beef needs including FREE delivery. While the majority of beef producers require their clients to travel all the way to the butcher, load heavy beef into their vehicle or ice chests, and travel all the way back home, we feel that keeping your beef in freezers in our insulated enclosed trailer assures you will be getting frozen and safe beef all the way to your home. We at Pro B Farms value your business and want to make your beef purchases as easy and as safe as possible. We typical deliver but not limited to an 8 state area, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Colorado, and New Mexico. We do require a minimum order for FREE delivery.

Our Minimum Delivery Requirements:

Grass Fed Beef

1 Whole Beef Order for 1-7 Delivery hours from Pro B Farms
2 Whole Beef Orders for 8+ Delivery hours from Pro B Farms
(Note: The 1-2 Whole beef requirements can be met through different families collectively purchasing 1/2 or Whole beef orders, we can make accommodations delivering to these separate families.)

Why Pro B?

- We talk to you personally and get the cuts of beef you want.
- We talk with the butcher on your behalf to talk about cuts of meat desired.
- We drop the animal off at the butcher.
- We pick up your meat from the butcher.
- We deliver the meat in freezers to your door.

For in state and out of state door-to-door delivery we require whole beef orders. Our customers who do not want a whole or half beef will typically go in with a friend or family to purchase a whole beef order.


Because we have a limited supply of meat available, we require a deposit in order for us to reserve your beef. You can fill out the information below and pay the deposit through PayPal or a check by mail. Below are the costs of the deposits. (Note: If you are paying the deposit with a check, click the link at the top of this page saying "Please click for Printable PDF". Print, fill out, and mail the form with a check made out to Pro B Farms. Please contact us to let us know we should be expecting your check so we can immediately reserve your beef.) If something should happen, and we are not able to supply your meat, your deposit will be quickly refunded to you. On the other hand, should you decide not to go through with your purchase, the deposit is nonrefundable.

If a whole beef is too much beef, contact us, we might have a family waiting to share a split half or half beef. If you have your own individual(s) to go in on a whole beef, you will all get the whole beef price.

Deposit Amount Securing Beef order:

Whole Beef $350.00
Half Beef $250.00
Split Half Beef $150.00

Beef Prices:

Prices are: 3.50/lb for Whole Beef, 3.65/lb for Half Beef and 3.75/lb for Split Half. Prices include delivery!

Prices are for hanging weight. See FAQ for hanging weight explained.

Deposit Amount

Buyer is responsible for processing fees.

Please fill out the information below to place your order or call us at
(405)-623-8052. If you have any questions or need help with your order please contact us by phone or email us at


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