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“Our goal is a trustworthy relationship between our farms and your home.”

Many “all-natural and grass-fed” beef producers claim that their beef is grass fed, but will still finish it out on grain (typically 120 days before butchering) to increase marbling. They also hype up low-grade genetics and sell it as top grade beef. All of our grass fed beef is born and raised on Pro B Farms. This allows us to closely monitor genetics and inputs going into our herd. We do not offer low-grade culled animals, but only premium genetics that are superior to rivaling competitors. We have black and red Angus cattle that are specifically bred for marbling, tenderness, and superior efficiency on grass. Our beef is GRASS RAISED AND FINISHED. It is never finished out on grain or corn or anything but grass! We not only sell beef, we also sell breeding stock which people purchase to turn around their herd’s genetics.

Grass Fed Beef


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Healthy Benefits of Pro B Farms Grass Fed and Finished Beef

-No grain feeding. EVER
-Pesticide free
-No synthetic hormones
-No antibiotics
-No genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
-Cattle are not put in feedlots
-Fed only the forage the range provides with salt and minerals
-High in Vitamin E
-High in Beta Carotene
-High in Omega 3 fatty acids
-High in Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and Trans Vaccenic Acids (TVA).
-Reduces the risk of E coli poisoning
The above nutrients are much higher in grass fed beef than in grain fed beef.  It has been shown by research to fight cancer, tumor growth, reduce the risk of diabetes, burn fat and build muscle mass.

Buying beef from Pro B Farms is different than
purchasing beef from stores:

We offer a trust relationship between our farms and your home. Our farm is always open for visitors to see their beef personally, and the excellent cattle managing practices we implement. Our customers notice a difference in our passion for delivering untainted, unaltered, healthy beef to consumers. If you cannot visit our farms, you will still experience a personal connection as we strive to give you the best service possible and meet all your needs. We want you to have complete confidence in the high quality beef you are receiving.
It is so EASY to order beef from us! We take care of the whole process so you do not have to.

This is our simple beef ordering process:

Step 1: Fill out our online order form and beef deposit.
Step 2: We will contact you to get the desired packaging, beef cuts, leftover bones, etc.
Step 3: We deliver your beef FREE to your door! (Pay remaining amount upon delivery.)
Remember, you can always CALL us if you need any help with the ordering process!

Quality Genetics = Time and Money:

To obtain the genetics needed for quality all natural grass-fed beef, it takes more time and money than what most producers are willing to spend. A person can go out and find “grass-fed” beef that is relatively cheap at $2/lb hanging weight, but you can take it to the bank that these producers spend little money on second-rate genetics and find their cows and bulls from the local sale barn.

Our Angus herd contains genetics that are 25 years in the making! We are constantly striving for the best grass based herd you can find on the market. This includes culling animals that most producers would put onto your dinner plate. Our standards require more inputs on our end so that we can deliver the best beef possible to your home.

Herd Bull

High Water Quality = Healthier and Wholesome Beef:

Most beef producers pay little or no attention to the quality of water that their cattle intake; at Pro B Farms we have invested thousands of dollars in solar panels, windmills, and the drilling of water wells for our cattle to have access to fresh and clean water daily.

Our wells are systematically placed on every pasture inside our farms to ensure every animal has access 24/7. This investment has a dramatic affect on the reduction of sickness and transmission of diseases that spread in stagnant, polluted, and muddy water.

We wouldn’t drink stagnant, polluted, and muddy water because of disease and sickness prevention….Why would you eat cattle that do?

Cow Drinking

Why Oklahoma Beef? – It’s easy, Native Grass

There are many areas around the Midwest where the grass that cattle eat is imported for increased cattle production. Our farms are comprised of Native Oklahoma grasses, the same grasses that naturally sustained a million Buffalo in the 1800’s. This native grass requires more land per head of cattle, but we make this sacrifice to offer beef that is raised and finished on the same grasses the Buffalo once grazed. Here’s a list of the native grasses you can find on our farms: Big Bluestem, Buffalograss, Indiangrass, Little Bluestem, Switchgrasss, and Sideoats Grama.

Cow In Grass

At Pro B Farms, we operate under the FMIA, PPIA, and these regulations:

-Not adulterate or misbrand products.
-Handle livestock humanely.
-Prepare products under sanitary conditions.
-Keep certain records.
-Properly mark, label, and package products.
-Keep exempt products separate from inspected products.
-Comply with all the provisions of the sanitation regulations (9 CFR part 416).

We operate under custom exempt; this means you purchase and own the animals when they leave our property. We provide you the FREE service of taking the animals to the butcher to be processed, and FREE delivery of your beef to your home after processing. After processing, the beef cannot be sold or donated by Pro B Farms or by you, the consumer. We require the purchase of the whole animals for these reasons. If a customer wanted to buy a ½ side of beef and there was not a buyer for the other half before the processing of the animal, we could not resale or donate the other half of the steer or cow. For this reason we recommend purchasing or finding friends/family to go in on buying the whole beef with you. We often have a list of customers waiting on somebody else to purchase the other sides of their beef.

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