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We started our cattle operation wanting to produce high quality beef that can be raised and maintained on grass pastures. We believe that high quality, healthy meat is developed without the use of steroids or antibiotics and is raised and finished on grass, NEVER grain! One thing that tends to get overlooked by purchasers of grass-fed beef is water quality. We would not drink old, nasty, stagnant water, so why eat cattle that have been raised drinking it? Our ranch has spring-fed ponds, solar panels, and windmills that run daily to fill our tanks, all which provide the cattle with fresh drinking water.

It involves much more time and money to raise beef naturally. More land, grass, and the right genetics are needed to maintain healthy cows that produce a tender high marbling product. Through years of artificial insemination, we have been raising Pharo cattle from Colorado that have been selectively bred for 25 years. Our cattle endure Oklahoma’s changing seasons while thriving on our native grasses.

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Pro B Owners

Owners of Pro B Ranch (From Left to Right) James, Alison, Kathy, and David Boone

Like most other ranchers around the country we mix in managing our farms while juggling full time jobs. I (James) played 3 years of baseball at the University of Missouri and finished up playing professionally for the Pittsburgh Pirates for 5 seasons. I retired after 3 surgeries and an ankle injury. In my off seasons I would spend my time working cattle while welding fence corners and corrals. Since I got drafted after my junior year of college out of Missouri, I moved back to the farm and finished up my education at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. I am currently getting my MBA, running Pro B Farms, and a website I met my wife Alison while at the University of Missouri. She high jumped on the track team while getting her degree in early childhood development. We got married in 2006 and she traveled with me during my baseball career. She is now carrying our first child and substitute teaching on the side.

My father (David) is a dentist. He was born in Enid, OK and moved around the country as a kid with a father in the United States Air Force. He finished his high school in Sentinel, OK, finished his undergraduate at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, and went on to Oklahoma Dental School. Farming and ranching has always been in his blood growing up with a grandfather working his whole life on a farm. I will never forget the story of when my dad’s family was staying in a small farmhouse that when the winds were fierce enough it would blow over a bushel of dirt on the floor. They had to eventually move out of this house because her sister got bit by scorpions twice; soon after their move the farmer started stacking hay inside the house. Through high school and college he would work as a custom harvester cutting from Montana- down south through Colorado- then continuing to Oklahoma. This soon ended with a tragic accident while cutting wheat in Colorado. His little sister was in a car accident and passed away at the age of 14, and his little brother soon followed getting severely ill after his sister’s accident passing away at 8 years of age. Another accident during harvest, my mother (Kathy) while driving a wheat truck to the scales hit a vehicle that pulled in front of her. It ejected her unconscious into a plowed wheat field breaking her vertebrae while killing two in the other vehicle. She made a recovery and spent the next 25 years a stay at home wife raising us four kids.

Through hard times there are also great times. God has been good to our family and we thank him for every day that he gives us. We have been blessed with Pro B Farms, which has brought our family close together. We appreciate the land that God has created; we get excited for every spring and summer to plant big gardens to supply the whole family and friends while providing a healthy alternative to beef for our customers. Our passion at Pro B Farms is to supply beef that people can feel good about feeding to their kids and raising a family on. We work hard providing our customers with healthy cattle produced in a humane environment. We hope to meet you very soon either on our farms buying bulls/heifers or delivering our all-natural grass fed beef to your home.


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